Digital TV Research

Western Europe OTT revenues to reach US$45bn

Western European OTT TV episode and movie revenues will reach U$45 billion in 2027; up from $26 billion in 2021, according to figures produced by Digital TV Research. According to the research outfit, the UK will contribute US$4 billion to the additional revenue pile, compared to Germany’s US$3 billion, France’s US$3 billion and Italy’s US$2 […]

Western Europe set to lose pay TV subscribers

Western Europe is set to lose seven million more pay TV subscribers between 2021 and 2027, with declining ARPU likely to take a further toll on the business, according to Digital TV Research. The research outfit predicts that western European pay TV will decline to about 100 million paying subscribers by 2027. Pay TV subscriber […]

China and India to continue domination as APAC pay TV market grows

The Asia Pacific pay TV sector is set to add 26 million subscribers over the next five years. According to a new report from Digital TV Research, while the region is set for a significant uptick in subscriber numbers, pay TV penetration will stay at two-thirds of TV households. Between them, China and India will […]

OTT growth for Latin America

OTT revenues in Latin America are set to double over the coming years. According to Digital TV Research, OTT TV episode and movie revenues for 19 Latin American countries will double to US$14 billion in 2027.  The growth in OTT flies in the face of largely poor economic conditions in most countries in the region, […]

Pay TV stability for LATAM

Pay TV subscribers in Latin America are set to remain stable following years of decline driven by poor economic conditions. According to Digital TV Research, the number of Latin American pay TV subscribers will remain around 62 million over the next few years. This is down from a peak of 73 million in 2017, but […]

Global SVOD subs to hit 1.75 billion in 2027

The total number of streaming subscriptions around the world is set to top 1.75 billion by 2027. According to Digital TV Research, global SVOD subscriptions will increase by 550 million between 2021 and 2027, leading to a total of 1.75 billion subscribers to services like Netflix and Disney+. Those two streamers are set to dominate, […]

US to add more than 100 million SVOD subscribers

Despite fears of saturation, the US streaming market is set to add more than 100 million subscribers by 2027. According to Digital TV Research, gross SVOD subscriptions in the US will climb from 354 million at the end of 2021 to 458 million in 2027.  In terms of saturation, about 86% of TV households will […]

MENA SVOD revenues to hit US$4 billion

The subscription streaming market in the Middle East and North Africa market is set to almost double over the coming years. According to Digital TV Research, SVOD revenues for 20 countries in the MENA region will grow by $2.3 billion between 2021 and 2027 to reach $4 billion. Tukey, the largest market, will triple its […]

African OTT market to hit US$2 billion

The African OTT market is set to generate US$2 billion within five years, a new report has claimed. The report from Digital TV Research asserts that OTT movie and TV episode revenues will reach US$2 billion by 2027. This total is triple the 2021 figure of US$623 million. South Africa and Nigeria, the two largest […]

US pay penetration on course to dip below 50%

US pay TV penetration is set to fall below 50% within five years. According to Digital TV Research, the unwanted milestone will be reached in 2026. The researcher forecasts 60 million pay TV subscribers by 2027. This represents a significant downturn in pay TV penetration over the past decade from 91% in 2010 and down […]