TVOD purchases see US spike in April

April was the peak for transactional video on demand (TVOD) purchases in the US, with consumption dropping off in May. According to new stats from Comscore, TVOD has seen a continued year-over-year increase during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but May’s decline compared to the previous month indicates that consumption may be returning to pre-pandemic levels. […]

US sees streaming surge amid coronavirus outbreak

The impact of coronavirus on TV viewing has been examined by a new report which has found a notable rise in US streaming. According to Comcscore, OTT streaming has significantly increased across connected TVs and streaming devices in the weeks since the World Health Organisation declared the illness to be a pandemic. The research found […]

US in-home data usage up 18% amid pandemic

In-home data usage across the US has increased by almost one fifth amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from Comscore, average in-home data usage is up 18% so far in March 2020 vs. the same amount of time in March 2019, with Americans becoming increasingly housebound. Devices which have seen the largest amount of […]

Twitch partners with Comscore for ad measurement

Amazon-owned game streamer Twitch has signed a partnership with measurement company Comscore. The deal adds tagless audience reporting of Twitch livestreaming, including gaming and esports insights, to Comscore digital audience solutions, which the measurement firm says will provide “a complete, unduplicated view into digital consumption behaviors” Comscore will integrate Twitch video metrics such as minutes […]

Comscore appoints veteran Livek as CEO as company records poor Q3

Audience insight business Comscore has announced the appointment of Bill Livek as its CEO and executive vice chairman.  Livek, previously vice chairman and president of the company, joined Comscore in 2016 and has has been in the business for more than 30 years. During his career, Livek has served as vice chairman and CEO of […]

Comscore signs deal with Premion for ad measurement

Tegna-owned Premion has announced a deal with media analytics company Comscore for the latter to be the measurement provider of Premion’s OTT offering.  Premion is a CTV/OTT ad platform that is designed to allow local, regional and national advertisers to reach “desirable audiences” in premium, long-form, live and on-demand video programming. The agreement will see […]

Netflix ‘accessed by 17% of UK mobile internet users’

Roughly 17% of mobile internet users in the UK, some 5.8 million adults, accessed the Netflix app on either a smartphone or tablet in March, according to UKOM-approved comScore data. According to the stats, which are based on UK mobile app data, the number of mobile Netflix users was “significantly higher” than the unique visitors […]

comScore: UK YouTube viewers watch 311 videos each per month

In the UK some 37.1 million adults watched an average of 311 videos each on YouTube during July, according to comScore stats. The Video Metrix Multi-Platform study (VMX MP) – which claims to deliver a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across devices – claims that 11.6 billion videos were watched on YouTube in […]

ComScore: mobile now the ‘go-to’ destination for video

Mobile is now the ‘go-to’ destination for most video viewers, according to ComScore research. The firm’s analysis claims that in the UK, mobile now accounts for the majority of video minutes spent watching content on YouTube across all age and gender demographics. Women aged 35-44 do 85% of their YouTube viewing on a mobile device, […]

ComScore: Netflix continues US market domination

Netflix continues to enjoy significant domination of the US streaming market, new stats from ComScore show. The SVOD service reached 75% of OTT homes in the US in December 2016, the figures reveal, way ahead of YouTube in second (53%). Amazon Prime Vide is third with 33% reach, while Hulu trailed in fourth with 17%. […]