ComScore: mobile now the ‘go-to’ destination for video

Ericsson mobile videoMobile is now the ‘go-to’ destination for most video viewers, according to ComScore research.

The firm’s analysis claims that in the UK, mobile now accounts for the majority of video minutes spent watching content on YouTube across all age and gender demographics.

Women aged 35-44 do 85% of their YouTube viewing on a mobile device, compared to just 15% on desktop, according to the research.

For women aged 18-34 mobile viewing stood at 80% and for those aged over 45 it was 69%.

For men the proportion of mobile YouTube viewing in the UK was found to be: 67% for those aged 18-34; 69% for 35-44s; and 60% for those aged 45 and over.

In general terms, ComScore said that in 2017 mobile devices have “an unquestionable role as consumers’ primary digital tool” and that ‘mobile first’ is the “default position for a growing number of internet users”.

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