Comscore expands CTV ad marketplace globally

Comscore has announced that its advanced brand safety and contextual categorisation segments for CTV and premium video are now available for global application. 

The capability first launched in the US earlier this year, but Comscore said that it is now expanding to “all geographic regions.” The segments allow users to meet industry demands for privacy-safe, cookieless contextual targeting.

The company said that advertisers will have the ability to programmatically reach premium inventory at scale to create targeted OTT, digital video, and CTV campaigns based on pre-determined contextual requirements across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

OTT, digital video and CTV inventory is packaged based on Comscore’s granular segmentation based on audio and visual recognition technology through verified contextual Private Marketplaces (PMPs) in an easy-to-buy deal ID.

Comscore said that the solution also helps to solve the common issue of incomplete metadata by offering more accurate targeting through verified CTV and video contextual PMPs. The company said that this allows advertisers to find more relevant content to advertise against, giving the example of a family-friendly food brand being able to find relevant video/CTV content related to baking, healthy recipes, holidays or parenting that is safe from health-related issues.

Rachel Gantz, GM, Activation Services, Comscore, said: “As CTV and premium video spending has skyrocketed, it’s critical for marketers to have privacy-focused, brand safe data solutions that keep pace with the evolving media.

“Investments in CTV require superior contextual categorization and brand safety tools to ensure ROI for advertisers, and we are excited to push the industry forward now at a global level.”

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