Yahoo and Comscore announce CTV partnership

Comscore has announced a new CTV partnership with Yahoo to provide Yahoo’s DSP advertisers with greater brand safety and suitability controles for CTV campaigns.

The Yahoo DSP will integrate with Comscore Activation, a set of pre-bid inventory filters to help marketers achieve brand-safe campaign delivery across CTV inventory. The tech is powered by Comscore’s contextual AI engine and intelligent categorisation technology, which it says allows for a better understanding of CTV media and content. Comscore also utilises the IAB’s genre categories included in its Content Taxonomy 3.0 framework, enabling CTV advertisers using the Yahoo DSP to filter buys based on TV genres.

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Head of Global Revenue & Client Solutions at Yahoo, said: “The CTV landscape continues to see tremendous growth, and as spend increases, advertisers want to ensure content suitability and alignment, and protect brand equity. Partnering with Comscore adds to our already powerful brand safety and suitability toolkit within the Yahoo DSP, and will help us continue to maximise the quality and effectiveness of advertiser CTV investments. With the addition of Comscore’s contextual technology, Yahoo advertisers are able to leverage a variety of solutions that enable them to maximise reach across inventory environments with or without identity.”

Lee Blickstein, Vice President, Activation Solutions, Comscore, said: “Comscore’s latest State of Streaming report found a 19% year-over-year increase in hours that U.S. households spent watching streaming content, meaning there is no shortage of opportunity to reach consumers on CTV, but advertisers need to ensure their CTV investments aren’t negatively impacting their brand. To effectively do this, CTV advertisers must have access to granular tools that go beyond the typical binary approach to brand safety, ensuring they have the confidence and security to achieve next-level campaign performance.”

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