Nielsen brings DCR to Australia

Nielsen has bolstered its audience measurement services in Australia with the announcement of its enhanced Digital Content Ratings Solution (DCR), powered by Identity System.

Enhanced DCR is a currency-grade solution which Nielsen said meets the growing need for quality audience measurement and reach. It is purpose-built for local needs, and promises to combine speed, scale and granularity with privacy.

Nielsen added that enhanced DCR powered by Identity uses data from multiple providers to deliver more than 10 million identities deduplicated against 57 million device identifiers.

The launch in Australia comes after the successful launch of enhanced DCR in Italy, where Nielsen said it has been adopted as an industry-wide standard for digital content measurement. The firm is currently planning on a September launch in Australia.

Nielsen managing director, Pacific, Monique Perry, said: ”We’re here to stay. We’ve never been more committed to meeting the needs of this ever-changing industry. Our unique technologies, assets, and data science expertise put Nielsen light years ahead when it comes to digital measurement.”

Nielsen executive director of growth and product, Jonathan Betts said: “We’re focused on the future of media with a tech-forward mindset, and our enhanced Digital Content Ratings solution is yet another example of our industry-leading platforms. You can’t have quality measurement without scale and granularity, and DCR is the only solution which can provide that for the whole market. Whether you’re a large or a small site, need data daily, weekly, or monthly, we’ve got you covered.”

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