HbbTV Association releases updated Conformance Test Suite

The HbbTV Association has announced the release of a new version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite.

Developed by the HbbTV Testing Group, v2022-2 is the second major release of the Test Suite in 2022. It contains 3,000 test cases, including a mixture of tests that have been approved for the first time, and tests that were updated after feedback from users of the Test Suite.

The launch comes after a testing event held by the Testing Group at the beginning of July. At the event, which saw the participation of 12 companies, the group gathered evidence required for the test approval.

The HbbTV Conformance Test Suite provides device manufacturers with a tool to verify product compliance with the latest HbbTV specifications. It is available through one of the registered HbbTV test centres and for HbbTV members to use in their own facilities.

Vincent Grivet, chair of the HbbTV Association, said: “The constant adjustment to market requirements and addition of further features is key to the strong industry acceptance of the HbbTV specifications among broadcasters, platform operators and hardware manufacturers as the standard for improving the TV experience and enabling new monetisation opportunities such as Targeted Advertising. The release of the new HbbTV Conformance Test Suite version ensures that existing and new features quickly and smoothly reach HbbTV-compliant TV sets and set-top boxes.”

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