QYOU Media launches Q Data unit

Youth-oriented Indian media group QYOU Media has announced the launch of its new Q Data business unit.

Q Data, the company said, will allow it to support monetisation and programming while leveraging the use of data-driven technology. It will provide actionable information to inform content and programming decision-making across all QYOU Media business units including The Q India, Chtrbox and QYOU USA.

To power the launch, QYOU has partnered with data analysis platform StarLifter. StarLifter is a cloud-based data analysis platform whose “low-code, no-code approach makes complex data transformation and analytics approachable for business users of all technical backgrounds”.

Jana Brost, CEO of StarLifter, said: “We began StarLifter with the vision of making complex data analysis accessible to everyone. The incredible wealth of data available today only becomes meaningful if users can analyse it and translate it into valuable business insight. We look forward to enabling the ways QYOU Media’s vast repository of data can be harnessed to improve business success enterprise wide. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow our respective businesses in our mutual quest to bring data to life.”

Leading the Q Data business unit will be longtime VP of product Jace Sparks, who has been promoted to the newly created role of chief product officer. Sparks will be responsible for aligning the overall data collection and usability functions to align with the product needs of the various business units. 

QYOU Media CEO and co-founder, Curt Marvis, said: “Over the course of the summer in 2022 we have strongly added to the depth and breadth of our products and capabilities. With five active channels now in India and the addition of ChtrSocial in India and Q Studios in the US, we are rapidly advancing our push towards driving increased audience size and strong revenue growth in 2023 and beyond.  

“At the base of all of this activity sits data. We intend on tapping into data and using it to the fullest extent possible. Partnering with a cutting-edge and visionary company like StarLifter is a fantastic way for us to enter this new area of growth. Both Jace and I could not be more excited about the value and impact these new initiatives will have on our business.”

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