Polish vMVPD WP Pilot taps Redge Technologies for VOD launch

Polish online pay TV service WP Pilot has tapped technology provider Redge Technologies to add VOD functionality to its offering. A library of movies, series, entertainment programs, sports games, and fairy tales for children, as well as live TV timeshifting, are being delivered to Polish consumers by the Redge Media video streaming platform.

vMPVD WP Pilot offers more than 100 linear TV channels spanning general entertainment, news, movies, sports and content dedicated to kids.

The service is available through the website and on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. WP Pilot is also available on smart TVs from LG and Samsung, and on the Android TV platform including Chromecast.

The VOD deployment was based on Redge Media Service Delivery Platform powering applications for web browsers and connected TVs. Redge is providing services including encoders, origin for VOD and live with timeshifting, multi-DRM and CDN to handle traffic peaks.

“I must admit that we have been looking forward to finalizing this project for a long time! Finally, our users will be able to watch their programs from the TV schedule without checking the TV program – not only where they want, how they want, but also when they want. It is now possible thanks to Redge Media technical excellence and its offer completeness,” said Marcin Malicki, head of WP Pilot.

“Our cooperation with WP Pilot started in 2021. During our partnership, we have proven our technical excellence, as a result of which Client has decided to expand the scope adding to our Multi-DRM and CDN services, Redge Media SDP and Redge Media VDP as a part of WP Pilot video streaming platform. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we are able to develop video streaming projects of any scale, in any moment of its evolving process,” said Przemysław Frasunek, member of the board at Redge Technologies.

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