comScore: UK YouTube viewers watch 311 videos each per month

ComScore_YouTube_data_JulyIn the UK some 37.1 million adults watched an average of 311 videos each on YouTube during July, according to comScore stats.

The Video Metrix Multi-Platform study (VMX MP) – which claims to deliver a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across devices – claims that 11.6 billion videos were watched on YouTube in total during the month.

The study of UK adults aged 18 and over said that 79% of YouTube videos were consumed on a mobile device and that 74% of viewing time was on a mobile. The average viewing time was 3.7 minutes per video.

ComScore found that the gender divide between YouTube viewers was equally split 49% female and 51% male – but that viewing skewed towards younger viewers.

People aged 18-35 accounted for 53% of all minutes and 56% of all videos viewed in the month.

The share of videos by age breaks was 23% among 18-24 year-olds, 33% by 25-34 year-olds and 24% by 35-44 year-olds. People aged 45-54 watched 12% of videos and those aged over 55 just 8%, according to the stats.

The average number of YouTube videos watched per viewer also decreased with age. In the month people aged 18-24 watched a massive 486.6 videos each on average, compared to 96 videos per viewer among those aged 55 and over.

“It’s not surprising to hear that YouTube is oftentimes a daily destination for most millennials,” said the report.

“UKOM approved YouTube data from comScore, showcased that 11.6 billion videos were watched on the platform and 79% of videos were consumed on a mobile device in July 2017.”

UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) is an industry governed, multi-platform audience measurement that recently endorsed comScore’s VMX MP product.

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