Seven million UHD receivers in Spain

There are now close to seven million UHD receivers installed in Spain, according to the UHD Spain organisation. According to José María Vázquez, director of products and quality of at Vestel Iberia and member of the UHD Spain group for receivers, cumulative sales of UHD receivers in the Spanish market amount to around seven million, […]

Vestel rolls out Dolby Atmos support across Europe

TV maker Vestel has rolled out support for Dolby Atmos across Europe. The company said that it has rolled out the immersive audio technology to the majority of Vestel 4K TV ranges, including TVs designed under its license brands. Several of the TV ranges come with additional features including front-firing speakers by JBL and speakers […]

Vestel adds Amazon Music to smart TVs

TV maker Vestel has announced the launch of Amazon Music on its smart TVs. The app is available on all Vestel-manufactured smart TV ranges across Europe produced after 2018, including those designed for many well-known brands such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Polaroid, JVC, Panasonic, Bush, Alba.  The app, available now, gives Amazon Prime members access to […]

Vestel looks to cure second-screen sports viewing with Football Corner app

TV manufacturer Vestel has announced a new app for football fans across its brands. Vestel, which manufactures smart TVs for brands including Hitachi, JVC, Techwood and Telefunken, has partnered with app creator TeraVolt to launch the Football Corner app. Vestel described the app as “an ultra-convenient and interactive football viewing companion, the app offers a […]

Twitch comes to Vestel TVs

TV maker Vestel will bring live streaming app Twitch to its smart TVs across Europe. The free app will be available to any Vestel-manufactured smart TV that have been produced from June 2018 onwards. This includes sets designed for brands including Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken and Techwood, many of which have a dedicated Twitch button on […]

Samba TV and Vestel fight ‘Soap Opera Effect’ with launch of new AI tech

TV data and audience analytics company Samba TV has announced a partnership with TV producer Vestel to introduce a ‘groundbreaking’ AI tech. Dubbed Picture Perfect, the tech promises to optimise picture quality in real time for gaming, live sports and movies, and can operate offline. The tech leverages machine learning on the edge device, and […]

M7 takes smart TV app to Vestel TVs

International pay TV operator M7 Group has struck a deal with TV manufacturer Vestel to integrate M7’s hybrid smart TV app into the latest generation of Vestel’s smart TVs. M7 operates pay TV services in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, where Vestel produced smart TVs are available under various brands, […]

Vestel launches TVs with integrated pay TV functionality

TV manufacturer Vestel has launched what it describes as he first TVs  that allow consumers to access premium pay TV services directly through their TVs without the need for a separate set-top box, Common Interface CAM or any other external device.  The fully integrated 43-inch UHD CASTV devices will be marketed in Croatia under the […]

Vestel signs up for Eurofins logo programme

Turkish TV manufacturer Vestel has joined existing TV brands LG, Panasonic and Hisense in supporting quality assurance outfit Eurofins Digital Testing’s logo scheme. Vestel has  committed to using Eurofins’ 4K HDR Ultra HD logo on its latest range of TVs. Eurofins certification and logo scheme will enable consumers to identify Vestel TVs that have been tested to […]

Vestel taps Vewd for HbbTV 2.0.1 devices

Turkish TV manufacturer Vestel has signed a deal with OTT technology provider Vewd to use more of the latter’s products across its range of smart TV models. According to Vewd, the deal will see one of the largest deployments of TVs with smart functionality based on the HbbTV standard to date. Vestel’s deployment of TVs […]

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