LOVEStv available as an app on home menu of Vestel televisions

Cellnex Telecom and Sofia Digital have partnered to launch a new HbbTV-based app for Spanish TV service LOVEStv.

LOVEStv is a joint-venture of RTVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset España. It is a free-to-view catch-up TV service which provides access to content from the three participating operators.

Available on Vestel TVs, LOVEStv is an evolution of the pre-existing offering which has been available only as an overlay broadcast on participating TV channels.

The smart TV app presents viewers with the available LOVEStv channels listed in a grid on the screen with channel logos and information of ongoing live TV programmes. Broadcast of the active channel is shown live through the TV tuner.

Users can also select the TV channel and the TV will switch to the live broadcast channel. HbbTV functionalities like catchup and start-over are also available.

The companies said that the service “provides a simple yet effective way for the broadcasters to reach more audiences through the Smart TV home screen. 

“With this new feature, LOVEStv HbbTV application becomes more accessible to users who are accustomed to using Smart TV applications,” they said.

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