Vestel looks to cure second-screen sports viewing with Football Corner app

TV manufacturer Vestel has announced a new app for football fans across its brands.

Vestel, which manufactures smart TVs for brands including Hitachi, JVC, Techwood and Telefunken, has partnered with app creator TeraVolt to launch the Football Corner app.

Vestel described the app as “an ultra-convenient and interactive football viewing companion, the app offers a football-filtered electronic programme guide for up to seven days ahead, as well as real-time updates, insights, and statistics for matches, and tournaments in six languages.”

While not hosting any football itself, Football Corner provides users with match schedules and key data for ongoing and upcoming football events. It also includes a EPG which will show multi-channel broadcast listings, and a feature that allows users to select and view current matches with one click of the remote via an integrated channel tune function.

While watching matches live on their respective broadcaster, a split screen feature complements the on-screen action with key information from the match and others going on elsewhere. 

Barış Altınkaya, deputy general manager of Marketing and Product Management, Vestel, said: “Catching all the matches for must-see competitions can often prove difficult, but with this app, football fans won’t have to worry about missing a second of the live sporting action. The interactive match guide makes it easy to keep track of all the games, while the real-time information and statistics contribute to, and immerse you in the tournament experience.”

Tobias Fröhlich, co-founder and managing director at TeraVolt, said: “The concept of the second screen is outdated. We firmly believe that all the information and details viewers might want should always be available on the first screen. And the Smart TVs of Vestel are ideally suited to meet these requirements and make the second screen obsolete.”

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