Xavier Niel to acquire leading stake in Tele2

Xavier Niel, owner of Iliad Group, is to acquire a 19.8% stake in Swedish operator Tele2 from investment firm, Kinnevik, for approximately €1.16 billion.  Kinnevik’s stake in the operator carries 36% of Tele2 voting rights, so the acquisition stands to make telecom tycoon Niel its leading shareholder. The deal with the Swedish conglomerate and Tele2’s […]

Tele2 sees TV revenue and subs dip as Sweden and Baltics boost overall numbers

Nordic telco Tele2’s revenue from digital TV declined by a further 3% in the final quarter of the year to SEK659 million (US$63 million), with revenue down both from its legacy digital-terrestrial business and from cable and fibre. DTT revenues declined by 5% to SEK234 million, while cable and fibre TV revenues were down 2% […]

Tele2 posts lacklustre TV numbers, but gets boost from Baltics

Swedish telco Tele2’s digital TV revenues dropped by 3% year-on-year to SEK664 million (US$60.8 million), with digital-terrestrial revenues accounting for the bulk of the fall – declining by 6% to SEK239 million. Cable and fibre TV revenues fell by 1% to SEK425 million. In Sweden, digital TV subscribers dropped by 5,000 quarter-on-quarter to 867,000, a […]

Tele2 sees TV base decline but positive reaction to Viaplay offerings

Tele2 saw its TV base and TV revenues decline in the second quarter, but reported a positive reaction to new packages that include streaming service Viaplay. The company’s digital TV base dropped by 8,000 in the quarter,  a smaller decline than the 13,000 lost in the same quarter in 2022. Cable and fibre TV subs […]

Tele2 sees zero net growth in TV as DTT losses offset fibre and cable growth

Swedish telco Tele2’s TV services delivered zero net growth in revenue for the first quarter, with a decline in the company’s digital-terrestrial offering offsetting growth in cable and fibre-based IPTV. Digital TV delivered SEK699 million in revenue overall, with cable and fibre growing 2% to SEK429 million and DTT declining by 4% to SEK240 million. […]

Tele2 sees dip in TV numbers

Swedish service provider Tele2 saw a further dip in TV customers in the third quarter, while TV revenues remained flat. Digital TV revenue-generating units were down by 12,000 year-on-year to 893,000, with cable and fibre RGUs falling by 2% to 629,000 and digital-terrestrial customers falling by 9% to 264,000. Tele2 saw revenues from TV stay […]

Tele2 taps 3SS and SEI Robotics for Android TV dongle offering

Swedish service provider Tele2 has tapped Three Screen Solutions (3SS) and SEI Robotics to launch its new Tv Hub Mini, a 4K dongle for streaming TV.  Based on the Android TV OS, subscribers to the new offering will access content via a custom 3SS-engineered user experience powered by its 3Ready product in what 3SS says is […]

Tele2 sees TV base decline

Tele2 saw its TV subscriber base continue to fall in the second quarter but at a slower rate than in the first quarter of the year. The Swedish telco had 905,000 TV subscribers at the end of the period, down 4% year-on-year, after losing 13,000 customers in the April-June period. Tele2 lost some 5,000 cable […]

Tele2 launches new streaming packages on back of Viaplay deal

Swedish telco Tele2 has launched three new streaming packages in its Tele2 Play offering, The move follows the strategic distribution partnerships struck earlier this year between Tele2 and Viaplay Group giving Tele2’s pay TV customers access to a range of Viaplay’s channels and streaming services. Tele2 is now taking the next step in the partnership […]

Tele2 to offer Viaplay direct through Tele2 Play

Sweden’s Tele2 has forged a streaming partnership with Nordic Entertainment/NENT Group that will ultimately see NENT’s Viaplay streaming service be offered direct through Tele2 Play. Initially Tele2’s pay TV customers will have access to a selection of Viaplay channels and streaming services as part of their pay TV subscription. Later this year, the partnership will […]

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