CTA: US consumers to spend US$18bn on SVOD this year

US consumers will spend some US$18 billion on subscription video streaming services this year, up 27% compared to 2018, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The latest edition of CTA’s ‘US Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts’ report, released ahead of CES this week, predicts that spend on music and video streaming services combined will […]

Ofcom: smart TVs, smartphones and wearables are on the up

Smart TVs, smart watches and smartphones are among the digital devices that have seen “significant increases in ownership” in recent years, according to Ofcom. The UK broadcast regulator said that Brits are “ditching their DVD players and desktop PCs” and increasingly turning to newer technology – with smartphones now found in 78% of homes, up […]

Ampere: 32% of US web users watch videos daily on their smartphones

Almost a third of US internet users watch online video on their smartphones every day, the highest proportion of anywhere in the world, according to Ampere Analysis. The research firm estimates that during the third quarter of 2018, some 32% of US internet users watched video on their smartphone daily, compared to 23% in Europe. […]

Ofcom: risks of structural decline in TV industry appear to be growing

TV viewing in the UK has been falling since 2010 but saw a steeper decline in 2017, with the risks of structural decline in the industry appearing to be growing.   This was one of the findings of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, a major study on how communications services are changing in the UK, which shines […]

CTA: smartphone ownership gains on TVs in the US

Smartphone ownership in the US could match that of TVs in the next five years, as these devices continue their “meteoric popularity” rise, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The CTA’s 20th ‘Consumer Technology Ownership and Market Potential Study’ found that smartphones are now owned in 87% of US homes, with the devices second […]

Facebook: 94% of TV viewers watch with phone in hand

Some 94% of US TV viewers keep their smartphone in hand while watching TV, according to research by Facebook IQ. Facebook’s research and insights arm said that viewers focused on the TV screen just 53% of the time and that one of the top reasons they looked away was to use their smartphones. Facebook IQ […]

Ampere: Saudi web users consume the most TV and video

Saudi Arabian internet users watched more TV and video online than people in any other country, according to a new global study by Ampere Analysis. The research firm found that 87% of viewers in Saudi Arabia watch online video content on their smartphones, versus a survey average of 58% across 13 countries. The number of […]

Ericsson: Video viewing time up as mobile rivals TV

People are watching more content than ever before as mobile viewing time moves closer to an equal split with fixed TV viewing, according to new Ericsson ConsumerLab research. In stats revealed at MIPCOM this week, ahead of the publication of its latest TV and media report, Ericsson said that the ratio between viewing on fixed […]

UK broadcast TV viewing has been falling since 2012, says Ofcom

The proportion of the UK population who watch broadcast TV on an average week remains high, but has been falling since 2012, according to broadcast regulator Ofcom. In its 2015 Communications Market Report, published this month, Ofcom said that 93.4% of the UK watched broadcast TV weekly in 2013, a figure which dropped to 92.4% […]

WiFi to carry 60% of mobile traffic by 2019

WiFi networks will carry almost 60% of smartphone and tablet data traffic by 2019, after experiencing an almost fourfold increase in use, according to Juniper Research.  The new report claims that WiFi networks will carry less than 30,000 Petabytes (PB) of traffic this year, with this figure rising to more than 115,000PB by 2019 – […]