Cable Congress

Liberty focusing on comprehensive content rights rather than ‘scale play’

Liberty Global’s key priority in content is to secure comprehensive rights to enable it to deliver on any device at any time, as well as rights that differentiate its service in individual markets, rather than make a big ‘scale play’ acquisition, according to chief programming officer Bruce Mann. Speaking exclusively to Digital TV Europe at […]

Amazon ‘definitely open’ to video partnerships with operators

Amazon is “definitely open” to video partnerships with cable operators and the firm does not see itself as a direct threat to the traditional pay TV industry, according to Alex Green. Speaking at Cable Congress in Brussels this morning, the managing director of Amazon Video said that while Amazon has not been as active at […]

Liberty Global: 5G ‘makes no sense’ as substitute for fixed networks

5G is not ready for wide-scale rollouts and the technology “makes no sense” as a substitute for fixed-line access, according to Balan Nair, CTO of Liberty Global. Speaking at Cable Congress yesterday, Nair said that the use of higher frequencies – key to plans for 5G networks – was challenging and that significant investment would […]

eSports set to surpass football in popularity, says MTG

eSports is set to become the biggest sport in the world and surpass football in popularity, according to Gabriel Catrina, chief strategy officer, Modern Times Group (MTG). “This is going to become the biggest sport in the world in the future – it is going to be bigger than soccer. It is becoming a real […]

UK consumers more interested in bundling than French, says Ovum

UK consumers are more interested in bundled services than those in France, and price is the key element that attracts subscribers to bundled offerings, according to Ovum. Making a presentation on the topic at Cable Congress, Tony Gunnarsson, senior analyst at Ovum, said that there is a huge appetite for bundled services in the UK, […]

Vodafone CCO: consolidation ‘beneficial for industry and customer’

The cable industry thrives on scale, with consolidation beneficial for both the customer and the industry, according to Vodafone Germany’s chief commercial officer Manuel Cubero. Speaking at Cable Congress yesterday, Cubero, who has also served as CEO of Kabel Deutschland since April 2014, said that Vodafone has had “fantastic experiences with consolidation” – though he […]

Studio+ ‘filling gap in market’ as mobile content comes of age

Content specifically tailored to mobile consumption is coming of age and there is a gap in the market for high-end drama specifically tailored to mobile consumption according to Vivendi SVP of business development Hala Baviere. Vivendi has been a leading exponent of creating content specifically for mobile distribution through its creation of Studio+, a dedicated […]

Brands ‘should partner to unlock VR potential’

Brands should partner up with each other to unlock the potential of VR, according to Carmen Alzner, co-owner of VR and AR content producer and consultancy Murphy+Alzner. Speaking at Cable Congress in Brussels this morning, Alzner highlighted the range of virtual reality experiments that have already been conducted by brands and organisations including Audi, Ikea, […]

Liberty Global ‘evaluating’ Amazon partnership

Liberty Global is “evaluating” whether to offer Amazon’s video service, after striking a global deal last year to distribute Netflix through its set-top boxes, according to Eric Tveter. Speaking at Cable Congress in Brussels this morning, the CEO of Liberty’s Central Europe group described the Netflix deal as “good partnership” and dismissed fears that such […]

Cable Congress: future of TV is not apps

The future of TV does not lie in apps – as predicted by Apple CEO Tim Cook last year – but instead rests around content, delegates at Cable Congress in Warsaw heard yesterday. Speaking on a panel titled ‘what would it mean if apps really are the future of TV’, Telenet’s vice-president product connectivity and […]

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