Brands ‘should partner to unlock VR potential’

Brands should partner up with each other to unlock the potential of VR, according to Carmen Alzner, co-owner of VR and AR content producer and consultancy Murphy+Alzner.

Speaking at Cable Congress in Brussels this morning, Alzner highlighted the range of virtual reality experiments that have already been conducted by brands and organisations including Audi, Ikea, and the United Nations.

However, she said that while predictions indicate strong growth for the virtual and augmented reality markets in the coming years, much work still needs to be done in this space.

“Definitely technology still needs to advance. The handsets are too expensive, they’re too chunky, they’re too heavy, they need to be lighter. The mobile phones need to be better, they need to have a clearer screen,” said Alzner.

“But also it’s very important that unique collaboration between brands, because they should partner up with each other to unlock it’s potential. Not all brands are actually really necessarily suited to VR, so we really need to look into that as well. The new currency is definitely experiences, because you enter a new world.”

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