Irish Netflix web speeds the slowest in Europe

netflixIreland had the slowest average web speeds of all the European countries where Netflix is live, according to the SVoD service’s latest ISP Speed Index.

The September measure of primetime Netflix performance ranked Ireland’s average web speed at 3.10 Mbps, with Magnet the fastest service provider at 3.36 Mbps and Imagine the slowest at 2.10 Mbps.

At the other end of the scale, Belgium’s internet service providers offered the fastest average web speeds at 4.12 Mbps. Here, Proximus was the fastest ISP with speeds of 4.21 Mbps, while Numericable was the slowest at 3.80 Mbps.

The speed rankings of the top ISPs in Netflix’s European markets remained largely stable month-on-month, according to the report – though in Germany, where the average web speed was 3.79 Mbps, Kabel Deutschland overtook Unitymedia KabelBW to take the top spot.

Similarly, in France, the second-slowest European web-speed market on the ISP index, Bouygues Telecom overtook Numericable to take the countrys top spot.

Netflix claims that its ISP Speed Index is a measure of primetime Netflix performance on a particular internet service provider – not a measure of overall performance for other services and data for that service provider.

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