TVN now available to Canal+ Polska subscribers

Warner Bros. Discovery-owned Polish media group TVN’s VOD offering is now available to subscribers of pay TV offering Canal+. The pair have struck a deal enabling Canal+ satellite customer to access the Player offering, the leading VOD service in the country. The move means that Canal+ satellite pay TV customers can now access content […]

Streamers including Netflix, Sky and Warner Bros. Discovery form European VOD Coalition 

A new body representing the interests of video-on-demand companies in Europe has been formed. Based in Brussels, the European VOD Coalition promises to give a voice to the European audiovisual streaming sector and engage with policy makers across Europe.  At launch, the Coalition’s members include CHILI, FilmDoo, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Nokzedoc, Nordic Entertainment Group AG, Paramount, […]

Polish president delivers veto of anti-Discovery law to Sejm

Polish president Andrzej Duda has officially delivered his veto of the controversial media law that could have forced Discovery, owner of commercial broadcaster TVN, out of the country, to the Polish parliament, the Sejm. Duda had earlier announced his decision to veto the amendment to the broadcasting act, which had threatened to upturn the country’s […]

Polish senate rejects anti-Discovery law

The controversial Polish amendment that could see Discovery expelled from ownership of commercial broadcaster TVN has been rejected by the country’s Senate and will now return to the Sejm, the lower house of the bicameral parliament. Ruling Law and Justice party senators were reportedly largely absent from a debate preceding a vote that saw 53 […]

Poland passes controversial law that could force out Discovery

Poland has passed a controversial new media law which has the potential for major curbs on freedom of speech in the country and could see Discovery, owner of commercial broadcaster TVN, forced out of the country. The new law, which was approved by Polish MPs on Wednesday, has been heavily criticised as curbing media freedom. […]

TVN24 licence renewal up in the air as PiS seeks greater media control in Poland

A Polish news station could see its efforts for a renewed licence thwarted due to foreign ownership rules.  TVN24 is the country’s most-watched news channel, and its broadcasting licence expires on September 26. The channel’s parent company, TVN, has been owned by Discovery since 2015 via a standalone business registered in the EU which meets […]

Canal+ Polska investors working on possible IPO

ITI Neovision, the holding company for Polish pay TV operator Canal+ Polska, is “working with shareholders and advisors” on a possible IPO that minority shareholders are entitled to trigger. The company said in a statement that Canal+ Group intends to maintain its role as a strategic shareholder in the company regardless of the outcome of […]

Cyfrowy Polsat and Discovery team up to create Polish OTT JV

Polish pay TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat and Discovery are to create a joint OTT TV platform for the Polish and international markets. The new offering will provide access to Polish films, series, documents, sports and entertainment programs in one place. The offer will include a wide range of local TVN and Polsat productions as well as […]

TVN launches Player+ with Canal+ and HBO content

Polish broadcast group TVN has launched Player+, an expanded video-on-demand and live channel offering that now includes Canal+ and HBO content without long-term commitments. The pay-monthly subscription service includes premium content from nc+, the Polish pay TV service that is jointly operated by Canal+ Group and TVN, and on-demand films and series from Canal+ and […]

Media groups ‘must deepen collaboration’ to see off internet giants threat

European media groups need to come together and collaborate in order to stave off the threat presented by global internet giants, including collaboration in content and platforms, according to Christian Anting, Polish broadcaster TVN’s digital chief and co-chairman of the European Media Alliance, the grouping of key European broadcasters forged in 2014 to promote initiatives […]

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