Netgem expands FAST Lane roll-out across Europe

TV technology and white label service provider, Netgem, has expanded the roll-out of its FAST channel aggregation service FAST Lane across Europe with launches in Switzerland and France.

NetgemNetgem’s FAST Lane is the what the company describes as a ‘telco grade’ service aimed at delivering maximum revenue for operators and content owners when rolling out FAST channels.

The expansion includes the launch of FAST channels on service provider Netplus in Switzerland and a planned launch in France with other ISPs in April.

Netgem first launched its FAST Lane service, with a selection of 130 FAST channels in  the UK with telecom operator TalkTalk as well as Ireland, and Gibraltar.

The company said both deployments in Switzerland and France offer a selection of high quality channels in local language delivered to TV and Mobile Apps User interfaces.

According to Netgem, its FAST aggregation service offers a ‘one-stop shop’ approach, with one contract giving access to an growing number of content providers. Content among Netgem’s FAST programming includes show such as such as The Explorers documentary,  Frequence Novelas series, and kids channels such as 123Go!.

“We are thrilled to partner with Netgem on the ‘FAST Lane’ initiative. The speed at which Net+ Extra channels bouquet was launched -less than 2 months- was impressive, and the unified feed for Sports, Entertainment and Kids content really simplifies our operations. Netgem’s commitment to quality and flexibility aligns perfectly with our goals, with our demanding TV customer base, allowing us to expand our Content channel line-up in no time,” said Christian Voide, CEO, Net+, Switzerland.

“Netgem’s ‘FAST Lane’ is not just a service; it’s a strategic leap forward, combining choice, simplicity, quality, and flexibility to accelerate the FAST channels adoption for Telcos in Europe. Having run hundreds of high-quality channels at scale with multiple operators for over 4 years, we have built a complete off-the-shelf solution for Operators wanting to expand their content portfolio by working with one company trusted by Operators for 25+ years.” said Sylvain Thevenot, C3O at Netgem Group.

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