UK’s Connect Fibre taps Netgem to add TV service to broadband offering

UK fibre-to-the-home network operator Connect Fibre has chosen Netgem to provide a TV offering for its full fibre broadband service. Connect Fibre has chosen Netgem’s  TV-as-a-Service offering to deliver a TV element to complement its broadband service. Netgem provides a mix of free and premium streaming and TV broadcast channels for ISPs to add an […]

Netgem and Gamestream team up to offer combined gaming and TV to telcos

White label B2B cloud gaming solutions provider Gamestream and video technology and B2B2C service provider outfit Netgem have struck a partnership that will see gaming integrated with TV streaming entertainment in the service packages of telecom operators. Gamestream offers telecom operators cloud gaming tech in both B2B and B2B2C models. The company provides low latency […]

Netgem to acquire video storage and digitisation outfits EP and EDS

Technology outfit and B2B2C service provider Netgem is to acquire video storage and digitisation specialists Eclair Préservation (EP) and Eclair Digital Services (EDS). EP and EDS have a combined portfolio of over 500 clients in France, including producers and broadcasters, whose works they securely store and digitise, including more than two-thirds of France’s film heritage, […] secures 500,000 subscribers

Netgem, the company behind digital entertainment platform has revealed by the end of 2022 it grew its subscribers base by 40% compared to the end of 2021, reaching over half a million.  The VOD platform gained 508,000 subscribers according to its latest turnover report. While revenue and gross profit for the 2022 financial year […]

Netgem to complete sale of Videofutur on April 1

Technology and service provider Netgem will complete the sale of its French Videofutur service provider arm to Orange affiliate Nordnet on April 1 following finalisation of a deal between the pair in February. The agreement will give Nordnet the 10,000 homes served via fibre by Videofutur in France. The pair said there would be no […]

Netgem sells French consumer fiber operator to Nordnet

Netgem is to sell its French consumer fiber operator business to Nordnet, a subsidiary of the Orange group. As part of the agreement which was announced on 1 February, Netgem will continue to provide its television service to Nordnet for all ceded subscribers. Turnovers and gross margin of the business sold amounted to €4.7 […]

Netgem unveils plan to focus business on streaming

Netgem, the company behind digital entertainment platform, has unveiled revenues of €36.3 million and operating profit of €20.1 million for fiscal 2022, up 28% and 14% year on year respectively. At the same time, the company has announced plans to withdraw from the sale of access equipment and double down on streaming. According to […]

Netgem TV adds 15 new channels

Netgem TV, which provides a TV service and enabling technology to service providers in the UK, has added a raft of new content to its programming line-up. Netgem TV, which was one of the first TV services to offer new ITV streamer ITVX, has added 15 new channels to its line-up , including seasonal channel […]

Lothian Broadband Networks taps Netgem for voice and TV

Scottish fibre and wireless broadband operator Lothian Broadband Networks Limited (LBNL) has tapped technology outfit Netgem to offer voice alongn with TV as part of its ultrafast fibre broadband offering. Netgem said the move into voice was a natural extension of the usual bundles developed for ISPs, working alongside its partner Netsapiens, a Crexendo company. […]

Thema launches FAST channel Vivaldi on Netgem TV

Canal+ Group-owned distribution outfit Thema has launched FAST classical music channel Vivaldi on Netgem TV in the UK and Ireland. Vivaldi is now available to watch on TV and mobile on the Netgem TV platform, represents the second UK launch for Vivaldi in less than a week. The channel had earlier launched with Channelbox, the aggregation […]

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