Sandbox debuts PlayKids TV FAST channel on Netgem TV in UK

Education publishing company Sandbox Group has launched its first children entertainment FAST channel, PlayKids TV, on Netgem TV in the UK and Ireland.

playkids TV SandboxPlayKids TV will be distributed in the UK and Ireland through Netgem’s ISP partners including TalkTalk TV, Community Fibre TV and BetterTV.

The kids educational entertainment channel will showcase curated videos organised around key moments of the day such as morning routines, afternoon play and bedtime.

Sandbox said the scheduling of the channel will allow kids to ease into the day with stories and original songs like Let’s get ready to help kids get ready in the morning. In the afternoon PlayKids TV will offer content based around themes such as arts and crafts or songs about animals. While, in the evening children can wind down to bedtime stories and songs.

The channel will also deliver curate programming around main events and the holidays including summer holidays, back-to-school and Christmas.

PlayKids TV will be available on Netgem TV and the Netgem TV app, with the channel located in the dedicated Kids hub.

Ben Pugh, head of partnerships at Sandbox Group said: “With over 10 years in the children’s media business we know how to engage kids best throughout the day and that entertainment alone isn’t enough. So our focus is on providing fun educational videos for families that children love and parents can feel good about. We’re excited to be able to offer quality, curated learning content for free for families via Netgem TV’s FAST service.’

Mathieu Ghariani, director of commercial operations at Netgem said: “We are thrilled to include PlayKids TV among our 130 FAST channels, which are distributed as part of our service in the UK through TalkTalk TV and numerous other operators. Netgem’s recent announcement regarding the expansion of our FAST service into new territories, dubbed ‘FAST Lane,’ underscores our commitment to providing Telecom Operators with an exceptional experience while maximising revenue for both operators and content owners. The addition of exclusive and reputable children’s content such as Playkids TV to our service exemplifies our dedication to a robust content strategy aimed at delivering a ‘Telco grade’ experience to our valued clients.”

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