Netgem combines gaming with TV in Zeop service

Netgem Zeop UITV technology and white label service provider Netgem has unveiled a new service combining live TV, streaming, and cloud gaming in one place with the launch of Zeop gaming in Reunion.

Now offering console games via a TV experience within the existing operator TV service, the new product is being marketed as ‘zeop gaming by Pleio’, and leans on Netgem’s cross-content discovery platform.

Network operator zeop is offering its 100,000 fibre subscribers access to TV, streaming, and cloud gaming as an upgrade to their existing TV service Gamestream, a provider of white-label cloud gaming solutions, is contributing its catalogue of console-quality games available for streaming. This includes titles such as Hot Wheels Unleashed, WRC FIA World Rally Championship, Garfield Lasagna Party, Overcooked! 2, and others.

Netgem says its cross-content discovery platform offers access to live, replay, VOD, and games in one interface.

The unified entertainment hub allows zeop subscribers to turn their TV or mobile device (via casting) into a gaming console and entertainment centre combined, according to the tech company.

Netgem is acting as the  exclusive distributor and integrator on the European market for the ‘Cloud Gaming by Pleio’ solution

Mathias Hautefort, CEO of Netgem Group, said, “Consumers seek fresh television experiences. This new unified Cloud Gaming/TV/streaming offer, showcasing more immersive TV, addresses the real challenges for our partner zeop: transforming television into a hub for sharing entertainment for the entire family, increasing revenue per subscriber through innovative services, and fostering customer loyalty to the entire content ecosystem.”

Ivan Lebeau, president and co-founder of Gamestream, said, “The launch of the Cloud Gaming offering at zeop demonstrates the strength of our complete technological solution and our expertise in developing the most relevant game catalog. With Netgem, we’re shaping tomorrow’s entertainment today, and together we realise the strong ambition of democratising video games to a broader audience. This launch perfectly illustrates the long-term partnership that links our two companies.”

Emmanuel André, CEO of zeop, said, “The launch of zeop gaming by Pleio marks an innovation in user experience and economics model. Our subscribers can now access Cloud Gaming alongside their TV and streaming content through a single interface, with a decoder switching into a gaming console. This launch demonstrates the full power of our fixed and mobile networks and underscores the legitimacy of the partnership with Netgem: through them, we deliver the best content to our subscribers at the best value.”

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