Ipsos names new Netherlands chief

Audience measurement outfit Ipsos has hired Istvan Hajnal to lead the Ipsos Audience Measurement data team in the Netherlands.

Istvan Hajnal

Hajnal will be involved in our two major audience measurement surveys: Nationaal Media Onderzoek (NMO) and the international Affluent Surveys.

Ipsos said that this new team would be a valuable addition to its existing data science and analytics team, which focuses on data analytics and innovations for the entire organization.

Hajnal, who will work closely with this team and with the global Audience Measurement data team, was most recently head of marketing and data sciences at GfK Belglum. Before that he worked as head of statistics, northern Europe at Nielsen and as VP of Global Statistics Training COE.

Last year Ipsos and Kantar were jointly awarded a contract to deliver what the pair described at the time as the “world’s first” cross-media total audience measurement system combining audience viewing, listening, browsing and reading through a single, integrated system.

Hajnal said: “I look forward to working with the people from the Dutch and international Audience Measurement data teams. There are many opportunities to further improve the service and products of NMO and Affluent Surveys. Also, a collaboration with the current data science team led by Harm Hartman offers many possibilities for efficiency and innovation.”

Daan Versteeg, country manager Ipsos Netherlands, said: “We are very excited to have Istvan on board. His experience, knowledge, and management capabilities will complement and innovate our growing team of Data scientists and analysts for Audience Measurement. We are confident that Istvan, together with the Audience Measurement data team, will help us to achieve our ambitious innovation goals.

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