MiŚOT Group extends CDN cooperation with Redge Technologies 

Central and Eastern Europe CDN outfit Redge Media CDN has joined the EPIX traffic exchange node belonging to Poland’s MiŚOT Group. The group provides its partner with global transits of Tier 1 operators as well as domestic and international broadband transmissions.

The agreement means that EPIX participants and their clients have direct access to the content distributed by Redge Media CDN, including Player.pl and PlayNOW.pl video content from Poland.

The services are available free of charge as part of Open Peering EPIX services at the nodes in Warsaw and Katowice, soon to be followed by Poznań and a new EPIX location in Jaworzno, according to Krzysztof Czuszek, vice-president of MiŚOT SA and leader of the EPIX project.

Access to EPIX, the largest IXP traffic exchange node in Poland, gives Redge Media CDN content distribution to nearly 1,000 telecommunications operators serving over half of all individual customers in Poland. The deal gives Redge Media CDN full control over content distribution routes and reduced access time and path reliability, according to the company.

EPIX also offers independent access to international operators such as Arelion (formerly Telia), Lumen, Liberty Global, GTT, Hurricane Electric and Telecom Italia Sparkle and traffic exchange points DE-CIX, NIX and Peering.cz.

“Redge Media CDN gained access to our EPIXs, broadcasts, transits, and its clients gained the shortest way to their audience,” said Czuszek.

“Redge Media CDN already supports traffic at the level of nearly 2 terabits per second. Cooperation with the MiŚOT group will translate into other hundreds of gigabits per second of network capacity in critical locations -–in Poland and the Czech Republic,” said Wojtek Turak, director of Redge Media Video Delivery Platform at Redge Technologies.

EPIX is the largest independent traffic exchange in Poland, providing access to low-cost and high-quality data transmission with the majority of telecommunication nodes in Poland.

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