Kantar and Ipsos promise ‘world’s first true cross-media total audience measurement solution’ in the Netherlands

The Dutch Nationaal Media Onderzoek (NMO) has awarded contracts to Kantar and Ipsos to deliver what the companies say will be the “world’s first true cross-media total audience measurement solution.”

Audience viewing, listening, browsing and reading will be combined through a single, integrated system to deliver deeper insights to understand Dutch audiences. The companies said that this will enable advertisers and agencies to optimise the performance of media channels.

Kantar and Ipsos were appointed following a competitive tender process, and will collaborate to create a single integrated measurement system. The system, which will launch this year, promises to be “the world’s most advanced service” and “marks the biggest step change towards a total view of audience media consumption”.

Johan Smit, director, NMO, said: “Today’s announcement marks an exciting new chapter in audience research in The Netherlands. Kantar and Ipsos proposed a strong and efficient approach with a design that will enable us to deliver total media audience measurement to the Dutch market. Together we have realised our vision for a cross-media solution that delivers deeper insights into the media behaviour of the Dutch population.”

Serge Lupas, president, Media Division, Kantar, said: “Today’s announcement is a giant step closer to realising one true cross-media currency. We are proud to be co-leading the development of this advanced solution that leverages world-leading technology and data science capabilities. We will deliver an integrated measurement solution that provides the building blocks for cross-media planning, buying and evaluation of content and advertising.”

Liz Landy, global head of audience measurement at Ipsos, added: “People have talked about cross-media measurement for a long time. But up to now the talk has been far louder than the walk. The Dutch JICs have succeeded where so many have failed in overcoming the many barriers to delivering this vision, which will measure media the way consumers and advertisers see and use it – regardless of platforms or media types. We very much look forward to delivering the first results; this project will be a real game changer.”

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