MásMedia TV partners with StreamVX to reduce streaming carbon footprints

Spanish white label B2B platform operator MásMedia TV, which provides an IPTV service for operators, is joining forces with OTT video software specialist StreamVX to deliver a scalable encoding platform that meets the critical requirements of streaming video platform operators, giving them the means to expand their encoding capacity while simultaneously lowering their energy costs.

StreamVX, will assist in professional services and technical support included in the service level agreement between the two companies. MásMedia offers its clients an IPTV television solution of more than 250 linear channels, which complies with regulations, legislation, licences, and transmission rights on an international level.

To cope with rising energy prices and a growing range of streaming services, video platforms are looking to increase their encoding density, which may help to reduce CDN costs while maintaining video quality.

They are also looking to ensure that existing operational footprints minimise energy consumption.

MásMedia and StreamVX together have developed solutions in response to the market challenges regarding energy efficiency.

StreamVX’s most advanced encoding solutions are powered by NETINT VPUs (Video Processing Units), a low-power, low-latency encoding performance that utilises ASIC-based video processing. The company says that its encoding capacity is much greater than existing software encoding solutions, while host CPU utilisation is minimised, and real-time transcoding density is significantly improved. Power consumption is as little as seven watts per module, says StreamVX.

Citing Juniper Research forecasts that between now and 2025 video on demand subscriptions will increase by 65%, StreamVX said that video providers need to be prepared to deliver more content and offering a variety of streaming services.

The way to do this, it said, is by adopting ultra-high density video encoding solutions that require much less energy to operate.

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