NBCU partners with tvScientific for Peacock Ad Manager launch

Comcast-owned NBCUniversal has announced the launch of Peacock Ad Manager in partnership with CTV performance advertising business tvScientific.

Peacock Ad Manager is a self-service ad buying platform with full-funnel attribution measurement that promises to “unlock access to all of NBCUniversal’s streaming portfolio of long-form and short-form video content,” including a reach of more than 180 million US adults every month.

Working in conjunction with Peacock AX, Peacock Ad Manager provides advertisers with precision audience and geo targeting and built-in performance measurement across the purchase funnel.

NBCU praised tvScientific’s “deep experience” in performance advertising, with Krishan Bhatia, president and chief business officer at NBCU, saying: “We are excited to partner with tvScientific to make Peacock AX available to a much broader set of marketers and have them benefit from the brand and sales lift that only NBCUniversal can provide. 

“Peacock AX has been driving business results for the largest global brands, and now with the launch of Peacock Ad Manager, millions of performance advertisers, local advertisers, and small and medium-sized companies can more easily access premium CTV to grow their businesses. This partnership will allow us to unlock advanced targeting, performance insights, and attribution for the many advertisers who don’t have existing DSP relationships.”

Jason Fairchild, co-founder and CEO of tvScientific, said: “As the CTV market continues to grow, we are at a unique inflection point in the industry. Advertisers can now harness the awesome power of TV advertising and measure the actual ROI on their CTV advertising investment at a granular level with our self-service platform, comparable to search and social media channels. This opens up the CTV market to millions of search and social advertisers that have historically been on the TV sidelines. We are thrilled to partner with NBCUniversal and, together, drive meaningful outcomes for brands and apps of all sizes.”

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