Bouygues Telecom forges addressable advertising alliance for France

French service provider Bouygues Telecom has teamed up with convergence technology specialist Realytics and connected TV advertising specialist Smart to launch a new integrated addressable advertising platform, TVMotik.

Bouygues Telecom said that the trio’s alliance was centred on offering a full-stack technology platform to enable TV channels to offer addressable advertising via its set-top boxes.

The operator said the alliance was born from the reality that in France there is an appetite for addressable advertising but existing technology solutions did not allow them to serve these in a consistent or standardised way.

The TVMotik alliance is based around Bouygues’ technology expertise and boxes. Smart is providing a way to execute addressable TV campaigns, enabling ad decisions to be based on  the availability of addressable inventory across linear and catch-up TV offerings. Realytics is meanwhile providing its proprietary buy-side programmatic platfor, Adkymia.

Bouygues says that TVMotik conforms to AF2M/SNPTV standards. It said that the offering responded to demand by linear TV channels to monetise addressable ad inventory.

It said that TVMotik was intended to deliver targeting capability based on location and affinity.

“In creating this 100% French consortium, Bouygues Telecom is participating in a concrete way in strengthening French broadcasters and offering advertisers more choice. We are putting at their disposal a larger audience reach, allowing them to imagine numerous scenarios for future campaigns,” said Renan Abgrall, director of Bouygues Telecom’s Value Factory unit.

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