Quarter of UK pay TV homes now take Netflix

netflixIn the UK, 25% of pay TV households now have a Netflix subscription as over-the-top services start come of age, according to FutureSource Consulting.

The research firm’s latest ‘Living with Digital’ consumer research study claims that some 43% of pay TV households in the US now take Netflix, with almost 50% of HBO subscribers taking the service.

A total of 61% of all US respondents to the survey said they have had Netflix at some point, with 72% of these still current subscribers.

“OTT services are certainly coming of age with over 40% and 20% of US and UK respondents respectively taking Netflix,” according to FutureSource.

“Amazon Price Instant Video is also seeing continued rise with 23% of US and 10% of UK respondents taking the service. In the UK 20% of Prime subscribers signed up primarily for the video service.”

The study – which surveyed people in the UK, Germany, France, US, Canada and Australia – found that one third of all respondent had a connected TV and 69% accessed music or video entertainment services at least once a week.

Ownership of dedicated TV streaming devices, like Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV sticks, were also found to have almost doubled across the US and the European countries sampled.

“In terms of total digital media adapter (DMA) ownership, 15% of the total respondents, one in four 26-35 year olds and one-third of Netflix subscribers have a DMA integrated into their devices. Google Chromecast in particular has stimulated growth across all markets covered, having a DMA ownership share of 30%,” said David Sidebottom, principal entertainment analyst at Futuresource.

Overall, the study said that live TV, both pay and free, was the primary viewing choice for 65% of respondents across the territories.

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