Italy set for video growth in 2021 following COVID decline

Despite being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy’s video entertainment market is set for ‘vigorous growth’ in 2021. According to a new report from Futuresource Consulting, Italy will recover from a difficult 2020 in which the video entertainment sector will decline to €3.5 billion. However, an upsurge in SVOD subscriptions will see a return to […]

South Korea emerges as major VOD player

South Korea has begun to emerge as one of the leading transactional video on demand markets in the world.  According to research from Futuresource, the ability for users to rent recent cinematic releases is routine in the country which is now serving for a relevant case study for a Western world in lockdown. The closure […]

Service stacking becoming the norm with 70% of users willing to add new subscriptions 

While the introduction of new streamers from major Hollywood players has led to speculation that fatigue will set in, users are more engaged with OTT platforms than ever with service stacking becoming the norm. According to Futuresource, more than half of all SVOD users who subscribe to three or more services will purchase additional services […]

India to be third largest SVOD market by end of 2020

The growth in affordable smartphones, cheaper mobile data and faster internet access will see India have the third most SVOD subscribers in any country worldwide by the end of 2020. According to Futuresource, these factors will see India behind only China and the US by the end of the year and expected to reach 95 […]

Futuresource: Netflix driving SVOD in France, but multi-subscriptions lag

Netflix is driving growth of subscription video-on-demand in France, but multiple SVOD subscriptions, which have yet to take off, are expected to grow with the launch of new entrants over the next couple of years, according to Futuresource Consulting. According to the research outfit, total video entertainment consumer spend in France is expected to exceed […]

Norwegian video entertainment market grows 6% in 2018

SVOD is the key driver behind growth in the Norwegian video entertainment market. According to Futuresource, the market grew 6% in 2018. With SVOD contributing to nearly a fifth of all consumer video entertainment spend. Norwegian viewers spent 2.5 billion NOK (€250 million) on SVOD in 2018, with four main players in the market: Netflix, […]

Futuresource: Apple service to play ‘key role in evolution of SVOD’

Apple’s much anticipated streaming service, details of which are expected later today, will play “a key role in the evolution of SVOD in 2019,” particularly in the US, according to Futuresource Consulting. The research firm said that Apple’s offering, combined with the forthcoming Disney+ service, will create “something of a renaissance” in the market. However, […]

Futuresource: set-top shipments to grow 1% in 2019 

Shipments of set-top boxes (STBs) and media streamers are expected to grow 1% globally in 2019 following a period of “market stagnation,” according to Futuresource Consulting. The research firm said that the global media box market is on track to exceed 350 million units this year, driven predominantly by media streamers with “a little help” […]

Futuresource: Netflix ‘almost entirely’ driving SVOD spend in Brazil

Netflix has sparked a “major shift in premium entertainment consumption” in Brazil and is driving subscription video-on-demand revenues in the country, according to Futuresource Consulting. The research firm estimates that Netflix added more than 1.5 million Brazilian subscribers in 2018 to exceed 8.5 million, a similar estimated number to the UK – making these two […]

Futuresource: US video and TV spend up 1% in 2018

The US video and TV industry saw a 1% rise in consumer spend in 2018, taking the market to US$133 billion, according to Futuresource Consulting. The research firm estimates that the US market accounted for 53% of the global industry total last year and predicted modest annual increases for the coming years, reaching US$136 billion […]

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