Multitaskers still focused on TV, says TiVo

Despite the rise of second-screen multi-tasking, TiVo claims that 76% of viewers remain primarily focused on “actually watching what’s on TV.”

According to the DVR-maker’s 2013 Social Media and Multitasking Survey, though most viewers report having multi-tasked at least once while watching TV, more than 45% of TiVo users and 35% of non-TiVo users said their attention was directed only towards TV, and not to anything else.

“Though many respondents report using the internet to find content related to their favourite shows, only 27% said they do so while watching their programmes. Rather, online activity more often occurs after watching a program; 14% report turning to the internet immediately after watching and 32% search for related TV content on the internet sometime during the following week,” said TiVo.

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