Netflix begins 4K trials

NetflixBuilding4Netflix has reportedly added a small number of Ultra HD videos to its US site, ahead of a wider planned push for the technology next year. 

According to US reports, Netflix added some seven 4K test videos to its stateside service last week, with the firm also reportedly shooting the second season of its original drama House of Cards in Ultra HD.

Speaking on the firm’s third quarter earnings call last month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said “we want to be one of the big suppliers of 4K content next year” and predicted a wider 4K expansion in 2014.

In an interview with Canadian current affairs magazine Macleans last week, Netflix’s chief product officer, Neil Hunt, said the firm was also looking to wind down its early experiments with 3D.

“We’ve got a small collection [of 3D content] and we’ll keep that going but we’re certainly not looking to expand it,” Hunt is quoted as saying. “We’re probably looking to back out of it in the end. I’m not sure there’s enough value in it.”

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