UK’s Ofcom revokes RT licence

UK media regulator Ofcom has revoked the licence of Russian state-backed news channel RT to broadcast in the UK, with immediate effect. The watchdog said that it did not consider RT’s licensee, ANO TV Novosti, fit and proper to hold a UK broadcast licence. The decision to pull the plug on the Russian outfit comes as […]

YouTube blocks Russian state-backed news channels worldwide

Google-owned YouTube has suspended all monetisation in Russia and has blocked access to Russian state-backed news channels worldwide. On Friday, the company announced plans to globally enforce a policy that bars content that denies, minimises or trivialises well-documented violent events. It said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine falls under its violent events policy. YouTube […]

RT goes off the air in the UK

Russian state-backed news broadcaster RT has been removed from its transmission slot in the UK. Ofcom is currently investigating the broadcaster and its coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, however the channel has been removed as a result of EU sanctions that are being implemented irrespective of the outcome of the investigation. The broadcast […]

Roku to remove RT from platform in Europe

Roku is reportedly set to remove state-sponsored news broadcaster RT from its Roku Channel Store in Europe. According to a source familiar with the matter cited by Reuters, Roku has become the latest to act against the news outlet which has been called the “propaganda arm of Putin’s regime that spreads disinformation” by state officials […]

Canadian cable operators universally drop RT

Canada has become the latest country to take action against Russian state-backed news broadcaster RT. Major cable operators in the country including Rogers Communications, Bell, Telus Optik TV and Shaw Communications have said that they would drop RT from their channel lineups in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.  This comes after the EU […]

Ofcom to look into RT’s UK status, foreign secretary says

Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign secretary, has said that media regulator Ofcom will look into the status of news broadcaster RT amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. RT, which is backed by the Kremlin, has come under significant scrutiny from major Western European forces due to its political ties. The broadcaster recently had its German […]

Russia shuts down Deutsche Welle in retaliation for RT DE ban

The Russian government has forcibly shut down German broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s operations in the country in retaliation against Germany’s ban of its state broadcaster RT. The German-language version of RT was found not to have the correct licence to operate in the country, and was swiftly removed from the list of channels broadcast by Eutelsat. […]

Russia readies retaliation against German RT ban

Russia is set to retaliate against Germany after state broadcaster RT was banned by German authorities. The news channel, which is backed by the Russian government and often acts as a mouthpiece for the Kremlin, went off the air within days of its launch in Germany in December. The German-language version of the channel was […]

RT faces £200k Ofcom fine, but retains licence

British regulator Ofcom has fined Kremlin-funded RT £200,000 (€222,741) for breaching impartiality rules. An investigation into RT found that the network breached the British broadcasting code on seven occasions in six weeks following the 2018 Salsibury novichok attack, and in regards to its reporting of the Syrian conflict. It had been speculated that the network […]

Ofcom finds RT guilty of breaching broadcast rules

UK media regulator Ofcom has found Russian state-backed news channel RT guilty of breaching broadcast rules by failing to preserve impartiality in seven news and current affairs programmes over a six-week period. The regulator said that the breaches – relating to two broadcasts of RT show Sputnik, three of Crosstalk and two news broadcasts in […]