US, China, South Korea and Spain top global Gigabit league

Gigabit internet is now available to an estimated 354 million people in 51 countries, accounting for 5% of the global population, according to research commissioned by network quality assurance specialist Viavi.  According to the research, the US is the global Gigabit leader, with Gigabit internet available to 68.5 million people, up four million since August […]

Cable Congress: industry still seeking consensus on market drivers for Gigabit broadband

Consensus about the applications and market segments that will drive demand for Gigabit connectivity among cable and technology industry executives is still lacking, if the views of a panel on the topic at Cable Congress are representative of wider industry opinion.  Mark Giesbers, managing director, products at Liberty Global, said he believed that the consumer […]

Vodafone Deutschland slashes price of Gigabit broadband for Unitymedia customers

Vodafone Deutschland has lowered the price of its Gigabit broadband offering in the former Unitymedia networks where the service is available by over half, aligning Unitymedia prices with the rest of Germany. Subscribers who live in one of the six Unitymedia ‘Gigabit cities’ that can receive Gigabit broadband over cable – Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bochum, Frankfurt, […]

Vodafone Deutschland doubles number of 500Mbps homes

Vodafone Deutschland says it has doubled the number of homes that receive internet speeds of up to 500Mbps over the last year to 20.8 million. Of the total, Vodafone says that over half – 10.9 million, can receive speeds of 1Gbps or above. The milestone comes after Vodafone upgraded cable networks in 20 more cities […]

Liberty Global companies unveil Gigabit rollouts

Liberty Global’s operating companies in Switzerland, Belgium and the UK have now all unveiled plans to roll out Gigabit broadband services. The UK’s Virgin Media has kicked off the deployment of Gigabit broadband in Southampton, taking 1Gbps downstream speeds to 100,000 premises. The company plans to bring these speeds to its entire network, covering 15 […]

Virgin Media unveils national Gigabit broadband rollout

Virgin Media has unveiled plans to roll out Gigabit internet speeds to close to 15 million homes across the UK over the next two years as part of what it describes as its ‘Gigabit Britain’ plan. The Liberty Global-owned operator said that it would introduce service in cities across its national network later in the […]

Liberty Global launches Gigabit speeds in Poland

Liberty Global has launched a Gigabit-speed broadband service in Warsaw for UPC Poland customers, marking its second ‘Gigacity’ rollout. The operator launched a similar Gigabit broadband service in Bochum, Germany, in May and says it plans to introduce this offering in other markets in due course. Customers in Warsaw can access the high-speed offering by […]

Vodafone Germany plans €2bn Gigabit fibre investment

Vodafone Germany has unveiled plans to invest €2 billion by the end of 2021 on Gigabit fibre broadband services. The UK-headquartered telecoms giant said it expects todeliver around 13.7 million new gigabit connections to German consumers andenterprises under the plan. Vodafone Germany CEO, Hannes Ametsreiter, described the investment strategy as “transformational” and predicted it would deliver […]

Cisco to highlight IP networks, Gigabit services and cloud TV

Cisco will use ANGA COM to highlight IP network transformation, Gigabit services, cloud-powered video, service agility and security. Cisco will use the show to highlight the cBR-8, described by the company as the industry’s first DOCSIS 3.1/CCAP platform, already deployed with 90 operators on three continents. The platform delivers throughput of 10 Gigabits per second […]