Vodafone Deutschland doubles number of 500Mbps homes

Vodafone Deutschland says it has doubled the number of homes that receive internet speeds of up to 500Mbps over the last year to 20.8 million.

Of the total, Vodafone says that over half – 10.9 million, can receive speeds of 1Gbps or above.

The milestone comes after Vodafone upgraded cable networks in 20 more cities and towns, including Reinbek, Glinde, and Wentorf in Schleswig-Holsteinand Spremberg and Cottbus in Brandenburg.

Vodafone has set the goal of supplying Gigabit internet to 25 million homes throughout German by 2025, using DOCSIS-based technology on existing HFC networks as well as new build fibre networks.

The company says it is implementing DOCSIS 3.1 technology in all German Fede3ral states, with 325 cities upgraded over the past three years. The operator says it has increased the number of fdibre nodes it operates by over 40% to over 8,000, as well as further segmenting its cable network as part of its GigaHFC programme, which kicked off in in April

Some 22.7 million homes can receive speeds of upto 400Mbps, while 23.9 million can receive over 200Mbps.

Vodafone’s passing of the latest high-speed cable milestone follows Liberty Global’s announcement this week that its operating companies in Switzerland, Belgium and the UK have now all unveiled plans to roll out Gigabit broadband services.

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