Vodafone Deutschland slashes price of Gigabit broadband for Unitymedia customers

Vodafone Deutschland has lowered the price of its Gigabit broadband offering in the former Unitymedia networks where the service is available by over half, aligning Unitymedia prices with the rest of Germany.

Subscribers who live in one of the six Unitymedia ‘Gigabit cities’ that can receive Gigabit broadband over cable – Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bochum, Frankfurt, Heilbronn or Mannheim – can now benefit from the reduced prices.

Until now, subscribers to the operator’s combined internet and telephony bundle 2play Fly 1000 in Unitymedia cities have had to pay €99.99 a month, plus an additional €10 for pay TV.

Under the new tariffs, new Unitymedia customers will pay €19.99 for 2play Fly 1000 for the first year and €69.99 for the second year. The 3play TV-inclusive option will be charged at €29.99 for the first year and €79.99 for the subsequent year.

Existing customers of Unitymedia’s 2/3play Fly 30/150/400 offerings can also switch to the Gigabit offerings at the reduced rate for the same price if they sign up for a new 24-month contract.

Unitymedia customers have the option to switch to a lower-priced, lower-speed offering within the first 12 months if they are not satisfied with their Gigabit service.

Vodafone and Unitymedia currently offer Gigabit broadband to 11.2 million homes passed, with plans to extend this to 25 million by 2022.

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