Rogers signs up for Comcast Xfinity products and tech

Canadian cable operator Rogers a 10-year deal with Comcast to bring the latter’s Xfinity products and technology to its subscribers across the country.

Specifically, Rogers plans to deploy a new device powered by Comcast’s Entertainment OS, as well as an expanded suite of home security products and features developed by Comcast and Xfinity.

As part of the agreement, the latest broadband, smart home and connectivity products available to Xfinity customers will be coming to Canada through Rogers starting later this year.
Comcast’s Entertainment OS will bring live sports, entertainment and news, on-demand, and streaming apps into one, simple view, according to the company.

Rogers will offer its customers the latest gateways developed by Comcast, enabling them to experience multi-gigabit speeds, ultra-low latency and higher reliability, according to Rogers, delivering a converged and seamless experience between WiFi and wireless and between devices and apps.
Rogers said it will be the first internet provider in Canada to offer a product designed to maintain connectivity when a storm hits, trees are down, or a customer experiences a local outage. Dubbed Storm-Ready WiFi to Xfinity customers in the, the device is equipped with cellular backup and a rechargeable battery. When the power goes out the customer’s network automatically transitions to cellular back-up so they can continue to use the internet. The device also doubles as a WiFi extender within the home.

Innovative Smart Home Technology
The Canadian company also plans soon to launch new home security hardware, including sensors, to complement the existing options of cameras and doorbells with the added benefit of on-demand emergency dispatch at the touch of button.

“Our partnership with Comcast builds on our legacy of bringing Canadians the best networks, entertainment and services in the world. Canadians want to be connected to the best entertainment, anywhere, without interruption and we’re proud to partner with Comcast to make this a reality,” said Tony Staffieri, President and CEO, Rogers Communications.

“As a world leader in converged experiences inside and outside the home, this platform will make it easy and simple for Rogers customers to connect to what they love with a seamless experience, whether on the big screen in their home or their smartphone on the go.”

Dave Watson, chief executive officer of connectivity and platforms, Comcast, said: “Building on our nearly decade-long partnership with Rogers, we’re thrilled to deliver the next-generation of our entertainment and connectivity products, like Entertainment OS and the latest gateways, to millions of customers across Canada. Now, with the addition of these new products and services, even more customers in North America will be able to take advantage of Comcast and Xfinity’s innovative technologies.”

Commercial details will be announced as products and services are made available, starting later this year.

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