DVB and 5G-MAG combine efforts to focus on future of TV over 5G

The DVB Project and the 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) have announced the creation of a joint task force focusing on the future of TV over 5G. The work of the JTF will be based on the commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G, which were recently published by DVB. It will also examine the ongoing […]

DVB Project sets requirements for next generation of video codecs

The DVB project has officially approved the commercial requirements for next generation video codecs. The consortium, which provides the global standard for digital television, said that this approval will pave the way for advanced 4K and 8K services. It will now move to investigate the technical compliance of the candidate codecs and develop draft specifications. […]

DVB approves watermarking and home broadcast specs

After a meeting of the DVB Steering Board, members have approved two specifications. These approvals  include an update to the DVB Targeted Advertising specification to include watermarking as an alternative way to signal where content can be inserted in a broadcast, and a solution to enable in-home redistribution of broadcast TV services to IP devices […]

DVB-I spec officially approved by body

The DVB has formally approved the specification for DVB-I. The industry consortium initially demonstrated the new DVB-I standard at IBC. The demo included broadband and broadcast delivered linear television services using HTTP-based access and streaming mechanisms.  The body said that specification aims to ensure that linear television delivered over the internet is as user-friendly and […]

DVB outlines plan for DVB-I

The DVB used IBC this week to make the first public demonstration of linear TV using the new DVB-I standard, which employs  internet-based access and streamingto deliver TV services over broadband networks. The demo included broadband and broadcast delivered linear television services using HTTP-based access and streaming mechanisms. It showcased key elements of the spec […]

HbbTV and DVB partner on DASH validation tool

The HbbTV Association has partnered with the DVB industry consortium to compile a DASH validation tool. The tool checks ISO/IEC 23009-1 MPEG-DASH media presentation descriptions and segments to ensure conformance with DASH-related specifications from DVB and HbbTV. HbbTV Association chair, Vincent Grivet, said that validation tool “will help application developers and content providers verify that […]

DVB to agree targeted ad requirements by June

The DVB said it expects to agree a set of commercial requirements for targeted advertising by June this year, paving the way for the first market implementations in 2020. The DVB created a commercial sub-group in November tasked with carrying out its targeted advertising recommendations, following the publication of the its Study Mission Report on […]

EBU publishes guide on HDR

European public broadcasters’ organisation the EBU has published a guide on HDR for its members. The EBU said that its Initial Guide on High Dynamic Range summarises the key concepts and technologies and includes pointers to more detailed information. The guide is expected to be updated frequently, reflecting progress in the standardisation of HDR and […]

DVB to discuss dynamic metadata for HDR

Discussion is still on-going at the DVB over how to include additional elements in the UHD-1 Phase 2 specification for HDR, with agreement that there could be a commercial case for the inclusion of ‘dynamic metadata’. The DVB last year agreed the inclusion of the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) system developed by the BBC and NHK, which […]

DVB puts finishing touches to UHD-1 specification

The DVB steering board has approved final revisions and updates to the DVB UHD-1 specification. The standards body says the UHD-1 standard is now complete. The revisions and updates pertain to DVB-DASH, audiovisual coding and bitmapped subtitles. The DVB approved the revision of ETSI TS 103 285, the DVB MPEG-DASH Profile for Transport of DVB Services […]

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