DVB and 5G-MAG combine efforts to focus on future of TV over 5G

The DVB Project and the 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) have announced the creation of a joint task force focusing on the future of TV over 5G.

The work of the JTF will be based on the commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G, which were recently published by DVB. It will also examine the ongoing work in 5G-MAG on 5G architectures supporting unicast, multicast and broadcast for the distribution of audiovisual services.

The initial focus of the JTF will be to map use cases and commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G into a set of deployment guidelines. 

The group said that it may also provide recommendations for 5G-MAG’s work on open-source software within the scope of the use cases and requirements for DVB-I over 5G.

The 5G-MAG Chair, Antonio Arcidiacono, said: “5G-MAG has taken on the task of bringing together the media and the ICT industries to support the implementation of media services on 5G systems. Supporting service and content providers to get access to the powerful but complex 5G distribution platform is at the core of our activities. Joining forces with the DVB Project to enable TV services based on DVB-I or DVB-DASH is a natural step to enhance the capabilities of 5G for media.”

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