Report | The Psychology of a Subscriber

Does your SVOD brand behave like a ‘narcissist’ when it comes to understanding and engaging with subscribers?

Knowing exactly what your subscribers think and feel about their service has never been more important. That’s why Singula Decisions conducted an in-depth qualitative study to explore the psychological and emotional drivers that consumers experience when subscribing to entertainment and sports OTT brands such as Disney+, Netflix, and NOW TV.

Read the new series of three reports exploring why OTT brands are failing to build trust and loyalty with subscribers at key different stages of the customer journey…

  • Acquisition – understand how a poor sign-up process and pushing for financial commitment too soon can lead to dissatisfaction and suspicion
  • Growth – learn the hidden triggers and fears subscribers have around money, and the need for more flexibility around upgrades and downgrades
  • Churn– discover why offering great deals to new customer can lead to rejection, causing loyal customers to cancel and never return.

It’s tough to grow a subscription service, but brands that take time to understand subscribers on a deeper psychological and emotional level can create positive long-term relationships.

Download the Psychology of a Subscriber series to discover nearly 100 practical solutions to help build and grow your OTT business.