Sunrise doubles speed of hybrid fibre-coaxial cable network

Liberty Global-owned Swiss telecom operator Sunrise has announced it is more than doubling the Internet speed of its hybrid fibre-coaxial cable network.

SunriseThe company will increase Internet speeds from 1 Gbit/s to 2.5 Gbit/s on the HFC network for around 80% of Swiss households at no extra cost.

Sunrise offers a mixture of copper, HFC, fibre optics, 5G through its networks across Switzerland.

According to Sunrise, it is the only provider to supply over 95% of Swiss households with landline broadband services of 1 Gbit/s, including 5G fixed wireless access.

The telco revealed its landline-data volume has increased by approximately 30% over the last two years. It said growth was twice as high in 2023 compared to 2022, with 92% of the population using the Internet daily or almost daily.

“Fast and reliable Internet is a basic need, not only in cities, but throughout Switzerland”, André Krause, CEO of Sunrise. “Our customers will benefit from significantly higher performance, at no extra cost. This puts us a big step ahead of the competition and means we can continue driving digital development forward with our connectivity – in all regions of Switzerland.”

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