Sunrise launches yallo app on Samsung TVs

Liberty Global-backed Swiss provider Sunrise has launched the yallo TV app on Samsung TV devices ahead of its coverage of the UEFA European Football Championship.

The Sunrise full-service company is home to over 280 channels and will offer coverage of this year’s Euro games which kicks off on June 14.

The yallo TV package also includes seven days of Replay and unlimited-duration memory space for recording up to 1,000 programmes, which can be purchased with a yallo TV or Home Internet+ TV subscription.

The yallo TV app is available on Samsung TV models from 2020 or later (Tizen 5.5) and is preinstalled on new TVs.

The app is available for yallo TV or Home Internet+ TV subscribers and is also available free of charge for yallo Free TV customers.

yallo Free TV is funded by advertising and limited to 30 hours of monthly use on the TV, with no replay TV functionality and less memory space for recording programmes.

Prior to the official launch, Sunrise ran a beta test of the yallo app.

Yallo said in the coming weeks and months, the app will be optimised with new features, including a search function.

“With the yallo TV app for Samsung TV, we’re enabling the majority of our customers to use the yallo TV app directly on their TV without the need for a TV Box or another remote control. The result is that we’re meeting a need that’s important for many of our customers,” said Stefan Fuchs, chief consumer officer of Flanker Brands at Sunrise.

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