United Group consolidating fibre assets under United Fiber banner

South-eastern European pay TV, broadband and mobile service provider United Group is consolidating its fibre infrastructure assets in a single company, United Fiber.

United FiberUnited Fiber was formed in Greece in 2021, and United Group is now bundling its EU based fixed infrastructure asset portfolio under the United Fiber brand.
The consolidation of assets began with the registration of the company in Slovenia in March 2024, to be followed by Bulgaria and Croatia by the end of this year.

According to United Group, United Fiber Greece has enabled it to reach 20% FTTH penetration on its own network, compared with 8% national penetration of FTTH.
United Group said that it has the largest FTTH network in Bulgaria, reaching 50% of all households with the plan to expand to 67% by 2028.

It said that in Croatia around 80.000 households are being added per year with a plan to reach 40% of all households by 2028. In Slovenia the Group owns the second largest Gigabit enabled network covering around 50% of households.

A new infrastructure project by United Fiber, to be completed in 2025, will deploy a terrestrial cable connecting Athens and Thessaloniki and linking Southeast Europe with key hotspots in Western Europe.

“At United Group we know how to build and roll out state-of-the-art fixed infrastructure. In 2000 we started fully greenfield in Serbia and two decades later we became the largest optical network in Southeast Europe. In the four EU countries Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia alone, United Group owns 60.000 km of backbone and metro network,” said Zeljko Batistić, vice president technology United Group.

“Our state-of-the-art broadband network in these markets reaches 3.6 Mio homes and we are currently executing the plan of delivering 475.000 new FTTH homes in 2024 with the similar pace in the following years. Our vision is to be the go-to brand of choice for individual customers, business clients and the preferred partner for the public sector, to help digitize societies and position them to thrive. By bundling our investment and roll-out activities into United Fiber, we will be able to further expand our activities, create strong synergies, and bring our investment capabilities to the next level. Thanks to separate and dedicated expert teams in sales, support and technical operations, we will be able to service our clients even better.”

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