TiVo launches TiVo One cross-screen ad platform

Xperi-owned video technology outfit has launched its TiVo One cross-screen ad platform, which combines ad inventory across multiple end-points in the home and the car, designed to deliver precise targeting and enhanced measurement capabilities to advertisers. 

TiVoTiVo One is a cross-screen marketing solution that supports brands optimise their advertising campaigns, analyse customer attribution across different channels and devices, and gain valuable insights into which devices and distribution platforms drive maximum engagement to adapt advertising strategies accordingly.

TiVo One also plans to offer a ‘Homepage Ad,’ its flagship ad unit what will allow advertisers to reach their targeted audiences through linear and OTT ad promotions, and provide shared ad revenue opportunities for partners.

The company said TiVo One powers all TiVo platforms, providing advertisers optimal reach and frequency across streaming, IPTV, smart TV and automotive. It provides enhanced graphic display combined with video and image expansion for maximum impact and engagement. The platform also track, analyse and optimise campaigns in real-time. An enhanced content discovery and engagement also aims to equip advertisers to target based on viewing audiences’ behaviours and profiles.

Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi, said: “As a key element of our long-term strategy for the independent media platform, offering a variety of ways to optimally engage with audiences is essential. Whether that be through our smart TV offerings or connected car solutions, partners leveraging our innovative solutions can ensure we’re committed to delivering value and driving sustainable growth. By fostering an ecosystem that prioritizes choice, personalization and seamless integration across platforms, we aim to redefine how audiences engage with content in today’s dynamic environment.”

Mike Laband, senior vice president, platform revenue at Magnite, said: “As a long-term partner of TiVo, we look forward to being part of this next evolution of their omnichannel platform, TiVo One. Providing buyers with unified access to inventory across every screen in a streamlined, efficient way is key and TiVo does so on a global scale with unique inventory. We are eager to continue innovating with the TiVo team to enhance results for consumers and brands.”

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