Nagra and Eluvio partner on forensic watermarking capability

Technology companies Eluvio and Nagra have launched a new solution integrating Nagra NexGuard forensic watermarking with the Eluvio Content Fabric for secure and low latency live streaming via decentralised networking.

Nagra and Eluvio The new tool was designed to support broadcasters and producers of live sports and live events to deliver high-quality and low-cost live streaming while protecting content. It enables end-to-end protection against piracy and allows for detecting and stopping piracy per-session at source, claims the companies.

The Eluvio Content Fabric is an open and decentralised, streaming, content distribution, and storage network. According to Eluvio, it delivers live streams with deterministic end-to-end latencies under three seconds globally to standard streaming clients and provides a complete full-featured media stack to publish, store and deliver premium live streaming, PVOD, and FAST Channel streaming at scale, including personalization, access control, content protection and proof of engagement.

Nagra’s NexGuard Streaming watermarking is applied in the Eluvio Content Fabric as part of an end-to-end trustless content security model and leveraging the Fabric’s low latency streaming workflow.

“This new forensic watermarking capability for live streams completes the Content Fabric’s trustless, verifiable, and tamper-proof content security capabilities that prove, protect, and secure live video from its source to global viewers with ease,” said Michelle Munson, co-founder and CEO of Eluvio. “The Content Fabric protocol ensures live video assets are encrypted with the latest ‘trustless’ cryptography, backed by in-protocol blockchain contracts, and managed by on-chain policy to enforce playout authorisation at the source. We’re excited to have brought forensic watermarking to our just-in-time, ultra-low latency live video streaming with Nagra and Eluvio partner on forensic watermarking capability. The solution is per-session, end-to-end, and scalable.”

“The growth of OTT delivery of live sports is creating new piracy threats that require greater security,” said Ken Gerstein, VP Sales, Nagra Anti-Piracy & NexGuard. “We’re proud to continue our innovative work with Eluvio which allows for the seamless integration of our forensic watermarking solution with the Eluvio Content Fabric to ensure that action can be taken against piracy. Eluvio and Nagra and Eluvio partner on forensic watermarking capability are committed to minimizing, tracing and stopping content leaks at their source for premium VOD content and now, live sports and premium live events.”

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