Cineverse taps Gracenote to power AI video adviser

Streaming tech and entertainment outfit, Cineverse, is partnering with Nielsen’s content data business unit, Gracenote, to integrate the company’s metadata for films and television shows into its AI-powered conversational entertainment search platform.


Source: Cineverse

Cineverse’s soon to be launched AI-powered platform, cineSearch, aims to transform the search and discovery experience for users, according to the company.

cineSearch will have a a “unique” and “quirky” chabot feature called Ava, describes Cineverse. The search tool will offer a single unified search and recommendation engine with support for various of traits such as mood, theme, tone, intensity, setting, keyword, plot, micro-genre, among more.

Through the partnership. cineSearch will leverage Gracenote’s comprehensive TV and movie datasets to expand its knowledge graph and deliver more personalised search results as well as provide up-to-date title availability and deep-links to content.

Ava will recommend films and TV shows including complete title information such as synopsis, genre, cast, director and other product information for a comprehensive and consistent content discovery user experience.

Users looking for specific content can be provided with recommendations across more than 60 major video streaming services, claims the company.

Cineverse has also selected Vionlabs and Datatonic as key technology partners to enhance cinesearch.  Vionlabs leveraging AI technology will provide detailed title and scene-specific metadata, providing cineSearch with a comprehensive contextual understanding of filmed content. The tech firm generates subjective and unique metadata based on colours, emotions, mood, environments etc, enabling personalisation systems to identify new patterns in user behaviour.

Vionlabs’ metadata is also paired with Datatonic’s expertise on Google Cloud and GenAI, to achieve searches that are both highly specific and deeply nuanced, said Cineverse.

The cineSearch service was developed by Cineverse using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search. Cineverse said the technology was built as an adaptive layer on top of Google’s Gemini large language models, using Google Cloud’s gen AI infrastructure.

“AI-based personalization holds massive potential to improve streaming by helping individual viewers find and watch the content they’re most likely to love – from familiar hits to hidden gems,” said Trent Wheeler, Chief Product Officer at Gracenote. “Key to great technology is a broad understanding of the universe of content made possible by metadata. We’re pleased that Cineverse has tapped Gracenote’s entertainment data to power the cineSearch platform and look forward to seeing how Ava will revolutionize the search and discovery experience for content providers, creators and consumers alike.”

Cineverse’s cineSearch will be unveiled later this spring.

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