Pamela Anderson’s EarthDay 365 lands on Amazon Freevee

Environmental FAST channel EarthDay 365, a joint-venture between documentary producer, K2 Studios, actress and activist Pamela Anderson, and Static Waves Media Group, has launched on Amazon Freevee in the US.

EarthDay 365 Amazon Freevee Pamela Anderson

Source: Static.Waves Media Group

EarthDay 365 offers 2,500 hours of content including award-winning TV series, specials, and IMAX documentary films sourced from a library of more than 100 titles, with exclusive premieres.

Programming spans nature and wildlife, science, space, conservation and climate, and adventure/travel experiences.

K2 Studios is handling distribution in the US, while Amsterdam-based Static Waves Media is responsible for the channel’s European and international distribution.

EarthDay 365 debuted on Pluto TV in the US in February and, was rollout across Europe the channel on FAST platforms rlaxx TV 2.0  and on VIDAA Channels.

A portion of advertising revenue will be donated to environmental causes, according to Static Waves Media.

“I’m so thrilled that we are receiving such a positive response to EarthDay 365,” said Pamela Anderson. “Having Freevee on board extends our reach across the US greatly, providing even more viewers with this incredibly beautiful and inspiring content for free. Our aim is to make this channel available to everyone everywhere and we’re off to a great start.”

“For more than two decades K2 has produced and distributed IMAX format documentary films and documentary TV series with nature, science, outdoor adventure and sustainability themes for every type of platform, from giant screen theaters to TV, streaming and more,” said K2 president Mark Kresser. “Now the FAST channel world is exploding, and we love the opportunity it provides to reach millions more viewers around the globe with this very worthwhile channel and content.”

“EarthDay 365 is one of those rare channels that crosses all borders and appeals to audiences everywhere,” said Linn Adolfsson, CCO, Static Waves. “There are not many FAST channels that are nature-focused, and certainly none of this exceptional quality. Many of the shows are shot in 4K and 8K, which looks incredible on today’s SmartTVs.”

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