Comcast takes delivery of CommScope Full Duplex DOCSIS amp prototype

US cable and media giant Comcast says that its technology partner CommScope has delivered the first prototype Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) amplifiers to its advanced technology labs for system testing.

Comcast first tested FDX amplifiers in September 2022. FDX can deliver symmetrical speeds across a complete network-to-home 10G loop, which Comcast says now includes most of its network.

The prototype amplifiers will be used to understand and implement improvements ahead of the full deployment across Comcast’s network, which is expected to begin later in 2023.

The devices are based on the CommScope Starline MiniBridger platform which Comcast uses as a part of its network architecture.

Comcast says the full deployment of 10G technical capabilities will reach more than 50 million homes and businesses via its network by 2025.

Last year Comcast said it had successfully completed what it describes as the world’s first live, multigigabit symmetrical Internet connection powered by 10G and Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0.

“In 2022, we demonstrated that our Xfinity 10G Network is here for our customers – a brilliant network that delivers the next generation of connectivity to power the next generation of innovation. CommScope has been a key partner in our work and deploying their FDX amplifiers across our network is a critical next step. We’re excited to harden this technology and begin rolling them out across our network, so that we can continue to deliver the best connectivity experience to our customers,” said Elad Nafshi, EVP and hief network officer at Comcast Cable.

“The CommScope engineering team has been relentlessly working on this program and is making great strides. RF Amplifiers are one of the key growth products within our ANS portfolio, as evidenced by our recent one million units shipped announcement. These million amplifiers shipped, in addition to the prior existing millions of CommScope amplifiers in the market, become candidates for upgrade to DOCSIS 4.0. We are excited to partner with Comcast to engineer this next generation of smart amplifiers,” said Guy Sucharczuk, SVP and president of Access Network Solutions (ANS), CommScope.

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