Swisscom launches new premium TV options

Swisscom has introduced a new premium offering as part of its blue TV IPTV service., with expanded blue Premium offerings provides as part fo a new blue TV.XL package.

In German-speaking Switzerland, blue Premium includes content offered with the Sky Show Entertainment Pass, including series from HBO, Showtime and Sky Originals.

The offering also includesover 40 linear channels, including eight channels from Sky, such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Crime and Sky One, as well as a selection of documentary and cartoon channels, including National Geographic, Warner Serie, Boomerang, Cartoon Network and Sony Channel.

Wolfgang Elsässer, Head of Entertainment at Swisscom, said: “The blue Premium package is packed full of the best entertainment from leading content providers. With complete series and entire seasons for streaming, combined with the best TV channels, blue Premium really does offer entertainment without limits.”

blue Premium costs CHF19.90 per month.

In French-speaking Switzerland, blue Premium has been offered in cooperation with OCS. The offering has now been expanded for the same price of CHF 19.90 with 30 new channels, including Animaux, Toutes l’histoires, Action and AB1. Swisscom has also created a dedicated blue Premium homepage on blue TV.

In both French and German-speaking Switzerland, blue Premium is included with the new blue TV XL subscription for CHF 49.90 per month.

Swisscom has also introduced myTV personalised TV, enabling the creation of personalised sections based on viewing habits that flag when a new series of a regularly watched programme is available.

myTV will be available free of charge from 9 March to all customers with a package that includes a Replay function and who have activated personalised functions.

“This resolves one of the big disadvantages of linear television. And combines the preview function with convenient blue TV Replay and recording functions. Many television fans have eagerly awaited this innovation, which allows customers to look up or record the suggested programmes at the touch of a button. myTV thus makes good old linear television as convenient as streaming,” said Dario Vieceli, Head of TV and Smart Products at Swisscom.

The company has additional launched a Multiroom Max offer for CHF 9.90 per month, enabling blue TV to be viewed on up to four devices at the same time.

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